How To Make Buttermilk At Home (In 3 ways)

How To Make Buttermilk At Home (In 3 ways)

Buttermilk is one of those ingredients that we don’t often think about until it pops up randomly in a recipe and you realise you don’t have any in the fridge. The purpose of this post is to solve that problem. I have put together three super easy ways for you to make buttermilk substitutes and I believe most households will have the ingredient for at least one of these methods in their fridge and cupboard. Here is how to make buttermilk at home in 3 ways.

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What is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk is the by-product of cream. When you whip cream to make butter the liquid will separate from the fats. The liquid is buttermilk and the fats become butter.

What is Buttermilk used for?

Buttermilk is used for lots of baked goods such as pancakes, cakes, scones, frosting plus loads more delicious goodies. It also works wonders when it comes to marinating meat.

Why can’t I use normal milk?

Buttermilk is much more acidic than normal milk. The acid in buttermilk will react with the rising agent in baked products such as cakes resulting in the cakes rising to their full potential and being super light. If using to marinate meat, the acid in buttermilk will help to break down the proteins resulting in it being much more tender when cooked.

Buttermilk Method 1. The ACID Method


200ml or 1 cup x Full Fat Milk

1 tbsp x Lemon Juice or Vinegar


Simply mix both ingredients together and let sit for 10 minutes. This method will be lumpy when you fist look at it but don’t worry, this is completely normal. Give it a good stir before using.

I prefer to use lemon juice for this method. However, any vinegar will also work. I would advise on using a light vinegar such as white wine vinegar or cider vinegar as I imagine it would not be too appetising using balsamic vinegar.

Buttermilk Method 2.


200ml or 1 cup x Full Fat Milk

2 teaspoons x Cream of Tartar


Mix Both ingredients together and set to one side for 10 minutes before using. Mix well before use.

Buttermilk Method 3.


4 tbsp x Soured Cream

2 tbsp x Water


Mix both ingredients together. This recipe is ready to use immediately.

This recipe is always 2 parts soured cream to 1 part water.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed How To Make Buttermilk At Home (In 3 ways). You can check out more of my recipes here.

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For more information and facts on buttermilk check this out!


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