Easy as Classic Plum Pie – Recipe

Easy as Classic Plum Pie - Recipe

Classic plum pie is comfort food at it’s best! Beautifully flavoured with orange zest and ground clove, in a buttery sweet pastry. You can eat this pie hot or cold and serve it with many things such as homemade custard, pouring cream, or vanilla ice cream. All of these options are great but this time I’m serving mine with a good dollop of clotted cream! What would you eat with yours? let me know in the comments. Here it is, my Easy as Classic Plum Pie – Recipe.

Ingredients for the Sweet Pastry

225g x Plain Flour

115g x Unsalted Butter

75g x Icing Sugar

2 x Free Range Egg Yolks

Ingredients for the Plum Pie Filling

600g x plums

100g x Caster Sugar

1 x Orange (Juice & Zest)

1/4 tsp x Ground Cloves

1 tbsp x Cornflour (cornstarch)

You will also need:

1 x Egg to glaze

Caster sugar to sprinkle on top

Method for Sweet Pastry

1. Let’s start with the sweet pastry, place the plain flour, icing sugar, unsalted butter and egg yolks into a food processor.

2. Pulse the ingredients until they come together to form a dough. You can make this pastry by hand. If you’d like to see the method check out my Cinnamon Spiced Apple Pie Recipe.

3. Form the pastry into a ball and wrap with parchment paper. Place in the fridge to rest for a minimum of 30 minutes. Let’s make the filling.

Method for the Plum Pie filling

4. For the filling, begin by cutting the plums in half and removing the stones, then cut each half in half again. So you will end up with each plum cut into quarters.

5. Place the plums into a saucepan followed by the sugar, ground cloves and orange zest. Cook over low heat until the sugar dissolves and the plumbs become juicy. Rought 10 minutes stirring occasionally.

6. In a separate small bowl, squeeze the juice of the orange and mix it with a tablespoon of cornflour.

7. Add the orange juice and cornflour mix into the pan with the plums and stir. Cook for a further 5 minutes and then remove from the heat. The mix will become a lot thicker so remember to stir during the last 5 minutes to avoid it burning on the bottom.

Assemble the Pie

8. Assemble the pie in a 20cm round pie dish. Roll out two-thirds of the pastry to around 3mm thick for the base and side. Line the pie dish with the pastry leaving a little overhang around the edge.

9. Fill the the pastry with the plum filling. Roll out the other third of pastry for the lid.

10. Beat and egg and lightly brush some around the top of the pastry with the filling in. Then, place the lid over the top and press to secure it around the edges. Trim off the excess pastry.

11. Brush the top of the pie with beaten egg and sprinkle with caster sugar before going into the oven. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C or fan 180°C for 35 – 40 minutes until golden brown and the pastry is crisp.

Easy as Classic Plum Pie – Recipe
Easy as Classic Plum Pie – Recipe

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