How to make Lemonade with Orange and Mint

How to make Lemonade with Orange and Mint

It doesn’t get much more refreshing than a delicious ice-cold glass of homemade lemonade. I made this recipe on a very hot summers day here in the UK when my wife and I were heading off on an adventure to Kielder Forest for a hike. This drink is so refreshing and is sure to keep you hydrated on your adventures. Don’t be afraid to swap out the citrus fruit for other alternatives because they are all amazing! Anyway here is How to make Lemonade with Orange and Mint.


This Recipe makes 1 Litre

2 x Lemon

1 x Orange

1 litre x Sparkling Water

1-2 tbsp x Sugar

4 x Sprigs of Mint

Check out my video below – Homemade Lemonade with Orange and Mint


1. Start by cutting 1 lemon and the orange in half.

2. Squeeze the juice of both the lemon and orange into a large jug.

3. Next fill the jug with sparkling water.

4. Then add sugar to your taste and mix. I recommend 1-2 tablespoons will be enough.

5. Slice some extra lemon and add a couple of slices to your drinking bottles or glass along with a couple of sprigs of mint.

6. Top your bottles or glass up with the drink and enjoy.

Equipment you will need to make this recipe:

Chopping Board

Chefs Knife

Glass Jug

Glass Bottles

Soda Stream (I like to use a soda stream for making sparkling water because it is a great way to help reduce plastic waste.)

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