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How To Make Homemade Hummus

How To Make Homemade Hummus (Quick, Easy Recipe!)

I’m so excited to show you how to make hummus. It’s so easy! In this recipe, I keep things simple by using water in place of olive oil, which also gives this hummus recipe its light creamy texture and makes it even more healthy than it already is. Making your own hummus couldn’t be

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Honey and Orange Glazed Ham Recipe.

Honey and Orange Glazed Ham Recipe

Christmas for me is only complete with a honey roast ham. My recipe is one packed full of festive flavours and is the perfect centrepiece for your table this Christmas. With it’s classically sweet, sharp, sticky and aromatic flavours, it’s sure to please the crowds this year and have them talking about it right

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Golden Banana Fritters with Cinamon Sugar & Chocolate-Honey Drizzle

Golden Banana Fritters with Cinnamon Sugar & Chocolate-Honey Drizzle

This delicious dish originates from South Asia, the Caribbean and is also very popular in South America. Generally speaking, almost any country where it’s possible to grow bananas, you can find a version of these tasty snacks. If you travel to one of these places you will definitely find them among the many street

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TJR MinT Cooking Channel

Tom Ray-Robertshaw tjrmint.com

Hey there! I'm Tom...

And TJR MinT is my small part of the internet where I can share with you some of my favourite recipes, as well as tips and techniques you can use to help develop your own skills in the kitchen.

I have worked as a chef since leaving university after studying Fine Art for five years and although I have a strong love of art I have a much stronger passion for food. This is why I decided to set out on accomplishing my goal to become a professional chef. Now it's time for me to give back what I've learnt and I hope you can join me.